The 31th Gyeongju Cherry Marathon
08:00am April 6, 2024 (Sat) Bodeok-dong office next to the heliport
홈 아이콘
Participants in the Gyeongju Cherry Marathon, please note the following points.
Entrant Health Check
Recently, serious injuries and even deaths have occurred during the marathon races.
All entrants are strongly encouraged to check health conditions before participating.
The race administrators have acquired insurance in anticipation of the unforeseen accidents in addition to ambulances stationed throughout the race course and at the finishing line. However, administrators will not be held responsible for any additional compensation in the event of any accidents beyond providing emergency medical treatments and the coverage provided by the insurance.
All entrants are strongly encouraged to confer with private health institutions before deciding entry.
Insurance Information
The 31th Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Marathon is covered by event insurance for all participants.
The organizers are not responsible except within the scope of the event insurance.
Please personally sign up for injury insurance, etc. and promote safety
Assembly Time and Place
Gathering Time: 6:30 am April 6, 2024 (Sat) [Start time 08:00]
Place: Bodeok-dong office next to the heliport
Qualification & Number of Entrants
Half, 10km, 5km Course - Healthy men and women who have agreed to the ‘Entrant Agreement’
Gather and departure
Please arrive at Gathering Place, Bodeok-dong office by scheduled time.
Firstly, leave belongings designated place and change your cloth in a fitting room and then limber up your body.
Progress of competition at first will be half course followed by 10km short course, 5km course with 3minute~ 5minute interval.
Records will be checked immediately after step on recording board placed on Starting line and In the interests of Safety please start slowly.
When you walk toward to starting line, follow our staff member’s directions for convenience of citizen, your safety and finishing marathon.
Time Limit and Sweep Vehicles
To minimize citizens’ traffic inconveniences, the race time is strictly limited to 2hours 30minutes (Half course), 1 hour and 30 minutes (10km short course & 5km course). After the limit time, the traffic control is automatically removed so participant beyond the limit should get on the sweep vehicles to avoid any possible incidents.
The Organizer will not take any liabilities for accidents that happen as participants refuse to get on the sweep vehicles to keep on running.
Changing room and Baggage Deposit
Baggage claim is ready for entry type so participant must use designated depository place.
After the finish, the deposit will be returned on the present of the depository sticker.
(We do not accept any valuable items. Please note that the organizers are not liable for any damage and/or loss of valuables.)
Recently, there have been many cases of theft that break into parked vehicles and steal cash and other valuables at marathon races.
Considering this, do not carry cash and valuables as possible.
Drink and Snack
Water and sport drink are available every 5Km points and the final finish line. Wet sponges are available every 5Km starting at 7.5Km mark.
Record and chip
Net-time method will be used for official record. In order to measure the record, participants must attach the distributed chip to their BIB. If the chip is
not attached or does not step the sensors at the start line, the turning point and the finish line, time is not recorded and the race is disqualified.
Gyeongju Cherry Marathon official don’t accept to transfer qualification for participation among participants and proxy participation.
On case of them, participants lose qualification and couldn’t receive certificate.
Considering fallowing situation, we do not recognize record and disqualify qualification.
-In case of participants being attached chip of others and disturbing progress of competition.
-In case of participants who falsify bib and don’t attach bib.
-In case of Participants who have two chips.
Cancellation of the registration will only be accepted during the registration period(March 22, 2024, 5pm), Only if staff verify your condition.
Registration Package
We can send the marathon package only to Korea address (not abroad).
Entry number, souvenir, race program and other items will be delivered to the address registered during the application. Entrants who have completed
the race will receive the finisher medal along with snack.

For foreign entrant reside outside of Korea, the race packages will pick-up at the race pick-up place starting 2-3 days before the Cherry Marathon.
The race results will be found on our website, we do not mail the result certification overseas.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
Personal information protection
Gyeongju Cherry Marathon organizer collects personal information including name, address, contact number, and email.
The purpose of collecting personal information is to register entrant for an insurance and distribute notices, registration package.
Gyeongju Cherry Marathon organizer does not expose any personal information collected during the registration.
For any group entry applications, acceptance of the race terms and conditions by the group leader is deemed as acceptance approval by the whole group.
Gyeongju Cherry Marathon administration office reserves the right to reject or cancel any entry and to disqualify and bar any entrant, to invite any guests, to stop or cancel race (no refund if cancellation due to for majeure) or to change the race course.